Duties of Personal Injury Attorneys

personal injury lawyer in RentonWhen you meet with a personal injury lawyer in Renton, you may ask what your attorney does. There are a variety of duties that Renton personal injury lawyers have, which are described below.

Pre-trial Matters

Before your personal injury lawyer in Renton files your lawsuit, he or she may check the statute of limitations. He or she must stay conscious of this information to ensure that you do not miss an important filing date. Additionally, Renton personal injury lawyers must obtain contact information and legal entity information for adverse parties. If any governmental or medical notices are required, your lawyer prepares this information. Additionally, your attorney determines the appropriate venue for your complaint.

Preliminary Matters

Your attorney will discuss the accident with you and prepare a letter of engagement that spells out the legal arrangement. He or she will also get copies of any statements that you made to the insurance company or other parties. He or she may also visit the scene of the accident.

Communication with Others

Your personal injury lawyer in Renton can explain that he or she will remain in contact with other individuals. He or she will discuss damages and information relevant to the claim with you. Additionally, he or she may advise you to take certain steps such as seek medical care or gather evidence. If an expert will be brought into the case, he or she will consult with the expert regarding liability, medical injuries, damages or other relevant topics. He or she will also talk to other witnesses and summarize their expected testimony.

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