Documenting a Personal Injury With a Journal

Renton personal injury law officeAccording to a Renton personal injury law office, a plaintiff is encouraged to document his or her suffering and pain with a personal injury diary or journal. A written record of a person’s injury and the impact that it has on the plaintiff’s daily life is especially important in cases where the injury is not visible such as a back, neck or head injury. In order to receive a significant settlement, the plaintiff’s suffering and pain must be documented to demonstrate that it is real and has a measurable impact on the plaintiff’s life. A journal or diary provides this documentation.
In addition, many weeks, months or years may pass between the time of the incident and the trial, settlement or deposition. At that point, the plaintiff may have difficulty recalling how he or she felt on a specific day or time period. A complete and thorough diary will help fill in gaps in the plaintiff’s memory and aid in the preparations for the deposition or trial.

Tips for Keeping a Thorough Personal Injury Diary

The reason that a plaintiff should keep a journal or diary is to provide an accurate written account of the pain caused by the injury and any issues that are the result of the injury. There are several things that a plaintiff can do to ensure that his or her personal injury diary is complete and accurate says a Renton personal injury law office. Following are some tips for keeping a personal injury diary or journal:

  1. The journal should be kept by the plaintiff and not a family member;
  2. Entries should be made in the plaintiff’s own handwriting;
  3. If the plaintiff’s injury makes it impossible to write by hand, the notes may be typed or recorded;
  4. Notes regarding diary entries may be typed if the plaintiff’s handwriting is difficult to read;
  5. Journal entries should be kept strictly confidential and should only be seen by a Renton personal injury lawyer; and
  6. Journal notes should be collected and sent to the plaintiff’s Renton personal injury law office on a monthly basis.

A lawyer may answer questions regarding how to keep a personal injury journal. Attorneys with a background in personal injury cases can be found at Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law. Call for an appointment at (425) 336-2255.

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