Determining a Demand Figure

Personal injury lawyer in RentonAs a personal injury lawyer in Renton continues toward a settlement, he or she will begin to formulate a demand figure. This is the amount that your personal injury attorney in Renton believes is a reasonable dollar amount for your claim. He or she may use the following strategies to determine your demand figure.

Assessing Medical Bills

Your personal injury lawyer in Renton may start the process by evaluating your medical bills. If these bills support an injury that can be objectively proven such as a shoulder sprain or broken arm, your personal injury lawyer in Renton may multiply the amount of medical bills that you have incurred by a variable between two and five. The variable may be based on the amount of time it took you to recover from your injury, the credibility of your medical documentation and whether or not you had a pre-existing injury to the same portion of your body that was injured. A lower variable will be used if you suffered a previous injury to the same portion of the body because you can only be compensated for the aggravation of the previous injury and not the entire pre-existing injury. Conversely, a higher variable will likely be used if it took you a long time to recover from the injury.

Assessing Lost Income

Your personal injury attorney will also assess your level of damages based on how much income you lost due to the injury. It is important that you provide documentation to prove this level of damages so that you can confront any challenge to this information. If you receive the same rate of pay per hour, you can provide check stubs to your personal injury lawyer so that the amount of your lost wages can easily be calculated. Again, the attorney will multiply this figure by a low variable. This product will be added to the number computed for medical expenses.

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