An Attorney With a Renton Personal Injury Law Firm Discusses Pain

Renton personal injury law firmIn this blog, a lawyer with a Renton personal injury law firm looks at how pain is assessed.

The Categories

There are four categories under which the level of pain is measured. These extend from mild at the low end of the scale to severe at the high end and are determined by how intense the pain feels, how often it occurs and how sustained it is. The paragraphs below address the first two categories: mild and moderate. If you have been injured in an accident, the checklist below is one means by which your Renton personal injury attorney can assess the severity of your pain.

Mild Pain

• Patient can accomplish normal everyday tasks with minimal restriction, discomfort or accommodations and pain does not worsen as a result.

• The pain causes minimal discomfort or stress and does not usually require medical intervention.

• Physical examination does not result in discomfort and the patient shows few if any of the signs normally associated with being hurt such as wincing, crying out or flinching.

Moderate Pain

• The patient requires some accommodation in order to accomplish normal, everyday tasks.

• Restrictions caused by the pain place limits on what the patient is able to do.

• The patient exhibits somewhat more than minimal discomfort and requires a physician’s care or prescription medication on a regular basis to alleviate the symptoms.

• The patient exhibits physical reactions to a doctor’s ministrations showing that examination is uncomfortable and is causing at least some distress.

• Patient indicates under examination that the pain causes at least some restrictions in range of motion, etc.

Seek Help Today

If you have been injured and are experiencing pain, don’t hesitate to call on your Renton personal injury law firm for help. Contact Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law by calling (425) 336-2255 for qualified, professional assistance and skilled representation.

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