Tips for Organizing Medical Records for an Injury Claim

Renton personal injury lawyerAs a Renton personal injury lawyer can explain, an injury claim is often only as strong as the documents that exist to support it. Your attorney can offer advice on keeping good records like the following.

Save All Bills and Receipts
Your Renton personal injury lawyer will need you to make copies of and/or keep all bills and receipts from the doctor’s office, pharmacy or other injury-related charge. Down the road, the insurance company will require proof of the financial impact of your injury. Even if your health insurance carrier paid those bills, your Renton personal injury attorney will want you to retain copies.

Use Charts
As your Renton personal injury attorney will explain, the more organized you can keep your records, the smoother your claims processing will go. Keep a chart detailing your doctor visits indicating the date, purpose and service provided.

Make Copies for Your Renton Personal Injury Lawyer
For best practice, keep a copy of all the above records for yourself and forward a duplicate to your attorney. Any record/document you receive, your lawyer should also receive. Never assume the doctor will forward the records for you. Ask for a copy, keep a copy and forward a copy to your lawyer.

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