How to Respond to a Claims Adjuster’s Ultimatum

Renton injury lawyerA question a client of a Renton injury lawyer will frequently ask has to do with the ultimatum an insurance claims adjuster might present to try and convince a plaintiff to take an offer immediately.

What If the Insurance Company Tells a Renton Injury Attorney It Will Withdraw All Offers?
A tactic an insurance claims adjuster will commonly use is to say that the latest offer must be accepted or the company will cease to make any offers to settle the case. In most instances, this is a bluffing strategy to frighten the client into taking whatever amount is offered as it will be better than nothing.

How a Renton Injury Lawyer Will React to an Ultimatum
If the insurer tells the Renton injury attorney that an offer will be taken off the table if it is not accepted, that will almost guarantee that there will be a lawsuit. That means the insurance company will have to pay for a defense in the case, which might end up costing more than providing a reasonable settlement.

Contact an Experienced Renton Injury Lawyer
If you have questions about how to respond to an insurance claims adjuster’s statement that an offer is the final offer, a Renton injury lawyer can help. Call Edward K. Le, Attorneys at Law, at (425) 336-2255 to discuss your case today.

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