A Renton Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Medical Expenses

Renton personal injury attorneyIt may seem to you that you may never be able to defray your medical expenses. In this short article, a Renton personal injury attorney offers some advice.

How to Meet Medical Expenses
Your Renton personal injury lawyer will confer with you in depth concerning the means by which your physician’s and hospital bills may be met. Expenses incurred as a result of your injury may be defrayed by:

1) Your employer’s health care benefits;

2) Your personal health care policy;

3) Insurance purchased for you by a family member (spouse if married, parents if you are a minor residing under their roof);

4) Health or injury provisions from your auto insurance if you were hurt in a car accident;

5) If you were riding with someone, the health or injury provisions from their auto insurance (if they have such a policy);

6) If you have no health insurance, out of your own pocket if you have sufficient funds;

7) If you were hurt performing normal work activities on the job, by workers’ compensation;

8) When you and your Renton personal injury lawyer settle your case, through liability insurance held by the entity responsible for your injury; or

9) Such other means as may possibly exist.

Your Renton personal injury attorney can tell you that any of the methods listed above may assist in the payment of your injury-related expenses.

Should insurance not be available, retain all invoices from your physicians, therapists, hospital/emergency room and the like and make them available to your Renton personal injury attorney. Should a settlement be reached at some point, these expenses will be defrayed at that time.

Don’t Face This Alone
Have you been injured, and are your bills mounting up? Get a Renton personal injury attorney on your side by calling Edward K. Le, Attorneys at Law, at (425) 336-2255 today.

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