Renton Personal Injury Attorney on Accident Injuries

Renton personal injury attorneyIf you suffered an injury as a result of an accident, you may have incurred significant medical bills. Your Renton personal injury attorney can help answer questions about how those bills get paid.

Health Insurance
Talk to your Renton personal injury lawyer about whether you have health insurance that will cover your medical bills associated with your injury. You may be covered by an employer-sponsored policy, private policy or possibly through your parents’ or spouse’s plan.

Automobile Insurance
Your Renton personal injury attorney can also carefully review your car insurance policy. If your injuries stemmed from a car accident, your policy make pick up the tab for associated medical bills.

Workers’ Compensation
If your injury happened at work, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits that could pay for your medical bills. Your attorney can explain more.

Liability Insurance
Your Renton personal injury lawyer will analyze all facts surrounding your injury accident. If someone else is responsible for injuring you, your lawyer will review whether their insurance will cover your claim.

If none of the above policies apply or cover your claim, your Renton personal injury attorney will discuss your options. In any event, a lawsuit may become necessary to preserve your claim for damages.

Your Renton personal injury attorney can answer questions you may have about your injury claim. Contact the offices of Edward K. Le, Attorneys at Law, to set up a consultation at  (425) 336-2255.

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