A Renton Injury Attorney Discusses Post-Trial Events

Renton injury attorneyThere are a number of events that transpire once the trial has ended and the verdict is in. An experienced Renton injury attorney goes over some of these in the following paragraphs.

If Your Case Is Won
If you and your Renton injury lawyer have won your case, the final settlement procedures should be complete in three to four weeks. The respective lawyers will calculate what charges apply considering the amount awarded by the jury, assuming that the case has not been appealed. Such fees as court costs, lawyers’ fees, interest and other deductions may apply.

If Your Case Is Lost
Naturally, everyone wants to avoid this scenario. If you cannot, and the verdict goes against you, an appeal may be appropriate. It will be up to your Renton injury lawyer to determine whether or not this extremely costly procedure is a wise move.

It sometimes happens that an insurer might wish to avoid the time and expense of an appeal and might propose a small settlement figure instead, but it is inadvisable to count on it. While not impossible, it is extremely unlikely. You and your Renton injury attorney must do all that can be done to avoid this by focusing your efforts on a verdict in your favor.

Possibility of Winning
With the help of your Renton injury attorney, you can improve your chances of winning by careful and thorough preparation. Normally, if your injury was demonstrably the fault of the opposition, the courts tend to do the right thing. If your cause is just and you’ve done your due diligence, your chance of winning can reflect this.

Be Sure You Have Qualified Advice
If you are involved in a personal injury case, be sure to have the advice, assistance and guidance of a skilled, experienced Renton injury attorney. Contact Edward K. Le, Attorneys at Law, by calling (425) 336-2255 today.

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