Your Renton Injury Attorney Can Help Prepare You for Your Deposition

Renton injury attorneyIf your Renton injury attorney files a lawsuit on your behalf, you can expect to have your deposition taken. Your lawyer will prepare you in advance for what to expect.

What to Expect at Your Deposition
As your Renton injury attorney can discuss, a deposition is a method by which the defendant’s attorney can ask you a series of questions relevant to your injury claim. Your testimony will be taken in front of a court reporter. Though the process may seem intimidating, your Renton injury lawyer can help prepare you weeks if not months in advance.

How to Prepare for a Deposition
Your Renton injury lawyer may suggest a few tips for making your deposition go smoothly. First of all, dress professionally to make a good impression. Although your Renton injury attorney cannot put words into our mouth, he/she may ask you to follow some caveats when answering the defense attorneys questions such as:

  • Think before answering and speak clearly;
  • Look the defense attorney in the eye;
  • Be truthful (lying is never an option);
  • Go over any answers to written interrogatories beforehand;
  • Never answer more than you’re asked;
  • Stay calm, polite and don’t lose your temper.

For more information about pursuing an injury claim, contact a Renton injury attorney. Edward K. Le, Attorneys at Law, can set up a consultation and discuss your options. Call (425)336-2255.

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