Factors That Go Into Determining Whether Your Case Will Settle

Renton injury lawyerYou will likely have many questions for your Renton injury lawyer at your initial meeting. Most injury clients want answers about what their case is worth and whether it will settle.


A Renton Injury Lawyer Discusses Basic Factors in Case Evaluation
No Renton injury attorney can make promises or guarantees about case worth and settlement. However, certain common factors go into determining an estimated case value. Your Renton injury attorney will look for things like:

-Total amount of injury-related medical bills;

-The extent of your injuries and their affect on your life;

-Estimated cost of future medical treatment;

-Amount of lost past and future earnings; and

-Any other economic impact of your injuries.


Length of Time to Process Your Injury Claim
As stated above, a Renton injury lawyer will thoroughly analyze your case to come up with a fair assessment of potential case value. With that assessment in mind, your attorney can discuss the possibility of a settlement offer or demand to the insurance company. Settlement negotiations can take time as the insurance adjuster reviews the documentation you provide to support your claim and conducts further investigation. Your case may take weeks or months to settle if at all.


The experienced Renton injury lawyers at the offices of Edward K. Le, Attorneys at Law can help determine your best options for pursuing your injury claim. Call today at (425) 336-2255.

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