Pedestrian Case Receives a Sevenfold Growth to Settlement

July, 2012
After a grueling three years, a settlement for a pedestrian accident has been reached. The Plaintiff, a female, aged 56, was struck by the Defendant’s vehicle at 3 mph near 3rd Avenue and Cherry Street in downtown Seattle, Washington. Although this was a low-impact case, the Plaintiff had extensive injuries, which included mild traumatic brain injury; vertigo with central vestibular weakness; as well as Piriformis Syndrome in the legs. Due to the numerous injuries, the Plaintiff’s treating providers testified that her quality of life changed and that she would need ongoing future medical care.

However, when this was brought to the case, the Defendant alleged that the Plaintiff was a fraud, and was exaggerating her injuries. To combat this, our counsel conducted an intensive investigation by interviewing witnesses, family members, and co-workers to contrast the Plaintiff’s condition pre-injury versus post injury.

Due to the skill and dedication of our attorneys, the original denomination grew from $100,000 before trial, to an eventual verdict of $783,000 in the Plaintiff’s favor.

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