Over Service of Alcohol

The Revised Code of Washington entitles businesses to sell intoxicating liquors and/or beverages to customers for consumption on their premises. This statute also creates a duty amongst those businesses to take care in not knowingly over-serving alcohol to an intoxicated customer. When owners or employees knowingly serve intoxicating liquor to a customer who is visibly intoxicated, they are putting the community at risk if the intoxicated customer gets behind the wheel and drives, expecially if a collision occurs. Drunk drivers cause a great number of fatal car accidents in Washington each year. It is critical for a Washington lawyer to investigate every aspect of a “dram shop” claim to obtain maximum compensation for the client. Contacting a dram shop lawyer immediately after you have been the victim of any DUI accident is the first step to ensuring your claim is handled effectivley.


These types of claims can be  difficult to prove unless a lawyer uses the assistance of the right expert and investigators. These experts can pinpoint blood alcohol levels at the time of the consumption by using ‘back-calculations’ from the B.A.C drawn at the time of the accident. Expert testimony can then be offered at trial to give the jury an idea of the defendant’s level of intoxication at various points of time

Bars and taverns that serve intoxicating liquors for profit must take care in making sure they are not over-serving patrons to the point of visible intoxication. Training from organizations are available to business owners and their employees. These organizations offer on-site training to bartenders and servers on how to spot patrons who are intoxicated and the ways to deal with them politely and respectfully. However, they are not effective if owners are not willing to make the safety investment. Business owners obviously don’t want to upset customers by cutting them off, but at what expense? Another person’s life?

If you have been injured by a drunk driver,  you need effective, relentless representation.

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